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Our values

Since their creation in 1947, Brightwell Dispensers have always rested upon strong values and will always commit to respect these values in all areas of their business. With the vast majority of their components being produced in-house in the UK and under strict quality control, Brightwell Dispensers are able to offer flexible service and product excellence for all their customers around the world.

Shareholders' Values

  • Family owned business – highly involved in the running of the business, the shareholders have all contributed to its worldwide reputation and leading position on the market.
  • Culture and Ethos – our people are one of our most important assets and we encourage their personal development through role-specific training and promotion.
  • Customer Service – relationships with our customers are established at all levels within the business, with the customer needs as central focus.
  • Innovative design – as a visionary and forward-thinking business, the boundaries of our design and innovation are extended at all times whilst protecting our patent register.
  • Quality Culture – our quality culture has always been one of the foundations of our company and is continuously promoted across our business and workforce.
  • Continuous reinvestment – profits are continuously reinvested in the sustainability of the company, including human resources, equipment, new design development, quality enhancement and many more.
  • Growth and Development – global sales and manufacturing expansion is an important aspect of our business model as we aim at keeping our position as a world class manufacturer.                                                                       

Innovation & Design

All our products are created in-house by our team of expert designers. We currently own 36 international patents and many more are pending. Using the latest design software our specialists develop some of the most advanced and reliable chemical dosing systems and washroom dispensers in the world. Regularly awarded by the industry, our products have gained international reputation.

The first round of tests takes place within the design stage, where prototypes are used to carry out thorough real-life examinations. Thanks to our expertise we also have the resources to offer our customers the bespoke design and manufacture of their own soap and paper dispensers, with a dedicated project team to support and develop their ideas and brand.



Our primary manufacturing facilities are based in the UK, with 95% of our components produced in-house, from the first steps of plastic injection moulding to the packing of finished goods. As part of our production strategy and thorough quality insurance, we use the latest generation of intelligent injection moulding machines to form our chemical dosing systems as well as both our ranges of soap dispensers, paper dispensers and toilet roll dispensers. These machines are integrated with modern robotics and semi-automatic assembly to assist our experienced production staff.

Thanks to an efficient lean manufacturing set-up, we also minimise stock-holding and handling, helping to provide the most competitive product offer on the market, while guaranteeing the highest level of quality available.

Confident in our position on the market we have implemented in-house branding facilities to support our customers' business by associating their name to the quality of our products.


Production in Brightwell DispensersInjection plastic mouldBrightwell Dispensers\' manufacturing machine


Brightwell Dispensers have gained international reputation for the quality of their dispensers and dosing systems. Providing high quality products is part of the company's culture and a key point in their strategy to stand above competition. In-house quality tests are conducted throughout the whole production process and component samples from each batch are steadily measured against the approved models to ensure that every product is always up to standard. Within fully-equipped laboratories, Brightwell Dispensers' team of specialists carry out continuous pumping tests to analyse and maximise the life expectancy of every product. Brightwell Dispensers hold the international certification ISO9001 which recognises the company's thorough quality control and eagerness to deliver excellence.

We also offer our customers a free chemical compatibility test in order to avoid any future conflict with our dispensers and guarantee that they can benefit from the highest levels of quality and reliability regardless of their chemicals' composition.



Environmentally friendly

It is essential for Brigthwell Dispensers to guarantee their worldwide customers they have partnered with a responsible supplier. In May 2012, the company was attributed the international certification ISO14001, marking the achievement of an intensive 6-month project led by the company's QA team.

ISO14001 recognises businesses' corporate policy to integrate environmentally-friendly processes throughout all stages of product development and across all departments. 

The first step towards ISO14001 certification for Brightwell Dispensers was to identify current and future operations that could interact with the environment. Some of the targets the company was to achieved were:
• to cut energy usage by 5-10% over the following year 
• to reduce water & gas usage by 10% by 2014
• to reduce paper usage by 25% during 2012-2013
• to increase recycling of process waste by 25% in 2012 and an additional 10% in 2013
• to reduce transport between sites by 5% in 2012 and 20% by 2013-2014

Brightwell Dispensers have put in place tools and processes to minimise risks and maximise reusability of components. Tangible steps have been taken, such as: the use of a granulator to ensure a maximum of waste is reused by broken down unwanted plastic parts into granules ready for re-moulding, the use of ergonomic designs, the minimisation of energy consumption thanks to motion-sensor lights, oil spillage kits, recycling stations,etc.

Employees are encouraged to participate and give their ideas which are seriously taken into consideration. As Brightwell Dispensers’ ecological check-list grows longer, the QA team have backed-up each target with strict performance measures in order to monitor the implementation of each stage.


Brightwell Dispensers ISO14001