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Reliable and efficient dishwash dosing systems

Commercial kitchens are busy and demanding environments. With the number of people dining out increasing, good cleaning results are paramount. Brightwell Dispensers reliable and efficient dishwash dosing systems meet the demands of commercial kitchens and help to ensure good dishwashing results.

Our dishwash dosing range provides precise dosing and can be used for a wide variety of commercial dishwashers including glass, under-the-counter, single-tank and tunnel

Quantura Range

  • Professional and modern design
  • Accurate and consistent chemical dosing for top quality dishwash results
  • Cost-effective as the system doses only the amount of detergent needed
  • Keeps dishwashers working at their best performance
  • Easy to install and simple to use.

What chemicals do you need to dose?

One chemical for a glass or under-the-counter dishwasher - Explore Quantura 10

Detergent and rinse aid - Explore Quantura 200/200S

Detergent, rinse aid and sanitiser - See Quantura 300/300S

Please go to our Resource Hub for more information about our Quantura dishwash range.

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