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Creating a Wash Program

Creating a New Wash Program

Once you are connected to the unit (Please see previous section if you have not already done this – Connecting to your Nexus Unit) you can create a new Wash Program by pressing the + icon in the top right of the Wash Programs Box. The new program will appear at the bottom of the list.

Changing a Wash Program Name

To set a custom name for the Wash Program, press the Three Dots icon on the program bar. This will open up the edit menu, where you can set a custom name.

Renumber Wash Program

To edit the Wash Program Number press the Three Dots button on the program bar to open the edit menu. From here select the Renumber Icon and use the drop down to change the program number. Press the Save Changes button to complete.

Copy a Program

To copy the settings from another program press the Three Dots Icon on the Program Bar to open the edit menu. From here select the Copy Icon and use the drop down to select the program you wish to copy the settings to. Press the Copy button to save the settings to the program.

Delete a Wash Program

To Delete a wash program press the Three Dots Icon on the program bar this will open the Edit menu. From here select the Delete Icon and press the Delete button to remove the program.

Setting Pump Delivery

To set the chemical delivery for a program press the Drop Down Arrow to expand the menu and show the Inputs for the program. Select an Input and you can set the Pulse Input at the top. You can then use the toggle box to select which pumps you would like to activate for this input. Setting a Delivery Amount and Delay Time as required. Repeat this for all pumps required across all inputs for the program.

Program Summary

If you want to view the settings for a program you can select the Program Summary Icon on the program bar.

Writing to the Unit

Once you have completed the program settings you can Write these to the unit. To do this press the Write Icon in the left hand toolbar. This will write the data to the unit ready for use.

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