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Overview of the Nexus Portal

Home Page

You can access our Nexus Portal at the following web address:
After logging into your account you will see the home page.

Nexus System Database

The first icon is the Nexus Systems Database where you have access to all your connected Nexus units.

New Nexus Registration

The next icon is the New Nexus Registration where units linked to your account from site can be assigned to the customers and sites.

Customer & Site Details

Customer & Site Details allows you to create and manage all your customers and sites.


In the User menu you can adjust your user account settings.

Chemical Catalogue

In the User menu you can adjust your user account settings.

Account & General Settings

In the top right you can access the Account and General settings.


To log out of the Portal, press the Log Out icon in the top right.

Top Navigation Menu

You can also access these menus throughout the Portal with the top menu here.

Home Button

Using the Brightwell logo at the top of the page you can get back to the home page.

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