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Opening a Configuration File

To open an existing configuration file on the Portal you can use the Open icon in the toolbar on the left. You can open any configuration file that has been created on either the Portal or App previously. Select the file and open it, this will replace all the current settings in the configuration screen with the ones from the file.

Saving Configuration File

To Save the current configuration setting to your computer press the Save Icon in the left hand toolbar. Enter the name you would like to save the file and it will automatically download the file for later use.

Writing to the Nexus Unit

In order to send the configuration you will need to Write these settings using the Write Icon in the left hand toolbar. This will prompt you asking if you wish to override the current settings on the unit. Press Yes to write these and save.

Reading from the Unit

To Read the current settings on the unit press the Read Icon in the left hand toolbar. This will download the settings from the unit and display them on the configuration page.

Clearing Configuration Settings

To Clear the existing settings on the screen you can press the New Config icon in the left hand toolbar. This will wipe everything you see and allow you to start fresh.

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