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A new look on paper!

Marketing material: New literature

6 March 2012

After a couple of months of intense preparation, Brightwell have edited a new set of product literature!  Products and accessories are now separated in four main environments, including:

  • Washroom: Modular and Mercury collections
  • Maintenance: BD2, SmartPump and SuperC chemical dosing and dilution systems
  • Dishwash: electronic dosing systems for professional dishwashers
  • Laundry: electronic dosing systems for OPL and industrial laundries

The quality and amount of information displayed through each brochure has been carefully selected to target the right readership.  Technical installation drawings have been included in Laundry and Dishwash brochures for instance, while the Washroom brochure remains focused on the interchangeability of the pumps and containers, and the Maintenance covers the environmental benefits of using our systems.

We hope you enjoy the new format!