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Myriad soap dispenserMyriad soap dispenser Myriad soap Dispenser Myriad soap dispenser Myriad soap dispenserMyriad soap dispenserMyriad soap dispenser

Myriad soap dispenser

Elegant and affordable, the Myriad soap dispensers are ideal for any hand hygiene environment and washrooms. Our innovative pumps allow for the use of a large selection of hand care products including liquid and foam soaps, spray, cream and gels.

Our Myriad range of soap dispensers come with a multitude of branding and design options. Our customers have the option to distribute our dispensers under their own company’s name thanks to our internal branding facility. We also offer own-labelling, a choice of front cover insert colours, customisable front cover inserts and finishes to suit any business requirement.*

We believe in guiding you through every step of finding the right dispenser solution. Please talk to us about your requirements. Contact us

  Sustainable dispensing solutions

At Brightwell Dispensers, we are committed to improving sustainability throughout our operational and manufacturing processes, supporting our customers in reducing their environmental impact.

As a result, the housings of our black Myriad dispenser range are now available with 100% recycled material. Our recycled plastic is sourced from post-consumer waste that is compounded into a raw material form for use in our manufacturing process.

Learn more about our sustainable dispensing solutions here.



 *MOQ's apply

Pumps and containers

Choose the right soap dispenser for your needs

Step 1: Pumps

Type of chemical

Foam soap, liquid, spray, cream, disinfectant, beaded hand gel, there is a soap dispenser pump for any type of chemical.

Step 2: Fill options

Choose from disposable pouch, refillable reservoir or disposable institutional pouch. You can mix and match pumps and containers to fit your needs.

Container options

Step 3: Branding and design options

  • Print your company logo on the dispenser**
  • Choose a front cover window colour*
  • Customise the dispenser with a bespoke front cover window**
  • Customise the dispenser with photo quality prints**

*blue, grey and clear windows come as standard, other window colour options are available (MOQ's apply)

**MOQ's apply



  • Flexible soap dispenser with the option to mix and match pumps and containers
  • Suitable for most hand care products
  • Disposable pump and pouch system available for places that require a high level of hygiene such as hospitals
  • Robust high quality ABS plastic
  • Bespoke front cover design options are available*



*MOQ’s apply

Technical Specifications

Dimensions and weight

Height: 255mm, Width: 120mm, Depth: 115mm

Weight: 0.33kg 


ABS cover and window, glass filled polypropylene backplate


Foam soap, liquid, spray, cream, disinfectant, beaded hand gel


Disposable pouch 800 ml

Refillable reservoir 900 ml

Disposable institutional pouch 800 ml

Available media for download