Brightwell DrainWatch range

Proactive treatment with
drain dosing system

Keep your drains clear and odour-free with our advanced drain
dosing system for indoor and outdoor use. Providing precise
chemical delivery at programmable intervals to ensure smooth
flowing drains, saving time and preventing costly repairs.

Durable and reliable drain dosing

Making grease, fat, and oil build-up a thing of the past with DrainWatch. With its programmable timer, our system delivers chemicals at precise intervals up to twenty times a day. Avoid time-consuming drain blockages and additional costs with DrainWatch, the smart choice for easy and effective maintenance.

The DrainWatch range



Our DrainWatch dosing system is perfect for the toughest of environments. It features a premium motor for extended life and is ideal for use in commercial kitchens and tough industrial environments. A choice of mains powered, or battery powered operation allows for installation in any location.

Supplied with everything you need in the box, the DrainWatch is easy to install and its backlit display with multi-lingual programming keeps setup simple. With its weatherproof enclosure, the system can provide reliable and uninterrupted performance for drain maintenance, grease trap management and other water treatment applications.


  • Versatile power options: mains operated (100-240V) or battery operated (4xD Cell) for added flexibility
  • Programmable up to 20 feeds per day, ensuring precise and consistent dosing
  • Flow rate range from 10ml/min to 100ml/min* provides for different applications
  • Durable peristaltic pump with silicone tube for long-lasting performance
  • Supplied with full kit for easy installation; drainpipe injector, PVC delivery/suction tubing, ceramic weight, foot filter, and silicone peristaltic tubing
  • CE and CB Scheme compliance with IP65 ingress protection for added safety
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy install and handling
  • Branding options available to promote your company brand
  • Quick access review summary of events from a single screen

*tested with water and Silicone tube