High-quality results
with innovative
laundry dosing systems

Deliver precise dosing for optimal cleaning power, minimising
chemical usage with our laundry dosing units. Transform
your operations with boosted efficiencies, maximised
reliability, and elevated wash results, all while saving costs.

Multiplex Industrial laundry dosing range

Introducing the all-new Multiplex IoT industrial laundry range for all sizes, (4-12 machines, 500-4000kg daily capacity).

Safety is paramount with rigorous leak testing and chemical compatibility checks. Its innovative design minimises maintenance with continuous channel cleaning. Enjoy real-time data with various reporting, intelligent data library, effortless control, and a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Nexus laundry dosing systems

Nexus is a smart laundry dosing system that combines high-performance hardware with a powerful IoT platform to help businesses save time, money, and resources. Nexus offers consistent performance with remote connectivity, security from Microsoft Azure, and precise delivery of laundry detergent.

BrightLogic laundry range

Upgrade your laundry operations with BrightLogic Laundry range! Our patented laundry dosing double pump head and quick-tube-change configuration make installation and maintenance a breeze, while our computer software allows for total control and up to twenty custom wash programmes.

Suitable for loads between 5kg to 35kg, making it ideal for on-premise commercial laundry environments to eliminate manual dosing and ensure consistent, high-quality results.

Low Level Alarms

Keep laundry operations up and running with our low level alarm system. Suction lances, compatible with a range of containers, monitor up to 10 chemical levels and activate an audible alarm with visual indicator to alert staff when replenishment is required.