Brightlogic 2 Membrane

The BrightLogic membrane pump is a laundry dosing system, which
has been designed to deliver excellent flowrate consistency, even
with highly viscous products. The membrane pump is self-priming
and requires limited maintenance as no peristaltic pump changes are
needed, resulting in cost-savings.

1 Pump2 Pump3 Pump4 Pump5 Pump6 Pump7 Pump8 Pump9 Pump10 Pump
(H x W x D)
285 x 185 x 135285 x 370 x 135285 x 555 x 135285 x 730 x 135285 x 915 x 135285 x 1090 x 135285 x 1275 x 135285 x 1450 x 135285 x 1635 x 135285 x 1810 x 135
Weight4 kg4.5 kg8 kg9.4 kg10.8 kg15 kg16.5 kg18 kg19.5 kg21 kg
Current at 240 v0.16A0.32A0.48A0.64A0.81A0.98A1.06A1.13A1.38A1.62A
Technical Specifications
Voltage/Frequency100-240V AC / 50-60Hz
Signal Supply12-240V AC or DC
OutputsFlush Valve 24V DC, 1.25A (10W) max
Buzzer/Lamp 24V DC 0.5A, (10W) max
Flowrate570ml – 1500ml/min*
Valve materialsViton/Extreme Viton/EPDM
ConnectionsBSP or NPT 3/6” female thread
(suitable for 3rd party hosetails and
MotorBrushless 24V DC, 0.6A
EnclosurePolypropylene, IP45
Installation KitAvailable on request
ApprovalsCE, UL
Warranty2 years
Technical specifications
Brightlogic Unit
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*with water