Our EcoFoamer is perfect for quickly and efficiently cleaning and disinfecting small to medium-sized surfaces. 

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x L)216 x 365 x 150
Weight1.5 kg
InstallationMinimum water pressure: 1.5 bar; use with cold water only (less than 30°C) Maximum water pressure: 8 bar
ApplicationFor cleaning and disinfection of small surfaces to medium sized
Dilution13 independent dilution ratios
12.5:1 – 500:1
MaterialPolypropylene housing
OperationSimple twist and lock on/off application
Technical specifications
EcoFoamer Gun
EcoFoamer Lid
EcoFoamer Reservoir
EcoFoamer Rinsing Lance
Installation Kit
Wall Bracket
12.5m Hose (12 x 19)
Instruction Manual
In the box (DF10-KIT)
Part numberDescription
DF10KITEcoFoamer, Lance, Hose, Bracket
Part numbers
Shipping methodQuantity of unitsDimensions
L x W x H (cm)
Net packed weight (kg)
Unit135 x 35 x 257.5
Shipping info (DF10-KIT)