EcoMix Compact

Ecomix proportioners provide an economical and flexible way of
diluting chemicals on-site. Suitable for high flow applications, these
proportioners are connected to the water mains and dilute a predetermined
ratio of chemical concentrates into a ready-to-use solution.

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x L)220 x 95 x 125
Weight0.7 kg
Branding (mm) (H x W)Branding plaque:
Small: H 15 x W 30
Large: H 30 x W 40
InstallationWorking temperature range 4 – 65 °C
Working pressure range 2 – 5 bar
Minimum water flow required:
High flow = 8.5L/min
Dilution13 independent dilution ratios
High Flow 6:1 – 350:1
Low Flow 2:1 – 128:1
Glass Bead Polypropylene (GBPP)
Pusher: ABS
Internal tubing and seals: EPDM
ApprovalsWaterMark: Licence No. WMK25899
Specification: ATS5200.101-2005
AccessoriesHanging bracket
Secure chemical cabinets (2L/5L)
Coloured rings
Warranty2 years
Technical specifications
EcoMix Compact Unit
Dispenser key
Ceramic weight
Foot valve
Low flow outlet tube with flood ring (LF/Bottle)
High flow 1.5m outlet tube with flood ring (HF/Bucket)
Clear PVC chemical suction tube – 6 x 9
Instruction manual
Drilling template
Screw pack
Bottle bracket and clips (low flow version)
Bucket hook (high flow version)
In the box
Part numberDescription
DPCHB-WKEcoMix Compact HF/Bucket, White Cover, Grey Ring
DPCLBB-WKEcoMix Compact LF/Bottle, White Cover, Grey Ring
Part numbers
Shipping methodQuantity of unitsDimensions
L x W x H (cm)
Net packed weight (kg)
Unit137 x 16 x 15.51.4
Case1265 x 54 x 5217
Pallet108120 x 100 x 117172
Euro Pallet84120 x 80 x 111143
Shipping info