EcoSink 1 chemical

EcoSink is a chemical dispenser for use with single and multi-compartment sinks in commercial kitchens. It is available with BrightGap and AirGap backflow preventers.

Dimensions (mm) (H x W x L)1 Chemical: 258 x 98 x 80
Weight1 Chemical: 1.8 kg
BrandingMulti-coloured chemical labels available
InstallationWorking temperature range 4 – 82⁰C
Working pressure range 2 – 5 bar
Minimum water flow required: 8.5L/min
Dilution12 independent dilution ratios
6:1 – 695:1
MaterialCover: Stainless Steel
Connector Bracket: Polypropylene
Valve Switch Dial: Polypropylene
Ball Valve and Inlet Connectors: Brass
Proportioner Dilution Seal: EPDM/Viton
Venturi Assembly: Polypropylene
OperationSimple twist and lock on/off application
AccessoriesHanging bracket
Secure chemical cabinet (2L/5L)
ApprovalsASSE: Record Number:1562
Warranty1 year
Technical specifications
EcoSink unit
Ceramic weight(s)
Foot filter(s)
Clear PVC chemical suction tube
High flow 1.5m outlet tube with flood ring
Screw pack
Instruction manual and chemical labels
In the box
Part numberDescription
DS1HC-SEcoSink 1 Chemical, Highflow, BrightGap
Part numbers
Shipping methodQuantity of unitsDimensions
L x W x H (cm)
Net packed weight (kg)
Unit132 x 27 x 161.8
Case865.5 x 54.5 x 3516
Pallet160131 x 110 x 190335
Shipping info – 1 Chemical