How do I activate or deactive the Prime mode, Pump Stop
and View mode?

A short article on how to enable or disable the Prime, Pump Stop and View mode for laundry users.

Step 1

From the main screen, press the RIGHT arrow and enter the unit pass code to proceed forward. You will enter the main menu.

Step 2

Press the DOWN arrow to move to the System Settings menu and the RIGHT arrow to enter. Press the DOWN arrow 6 times to reach the PRIME MODE, PUMP STOP MODE, VIEW MODE SETTINGS menu. Press RIGHT to enter.

Step 3

Use the UP and DOWN arrows to enable or disable the setting. The RIGHT and LEFT arrows will move you forward and back. Press the RIGHT arrow to move to the end and save the changes.

Prime mode
– Pump stop mode
– View mode
– Standby mode
– Change the Prime Mode/Pump Stop Mode/View Mode/Standby Mode

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