How do I set up the Auto Formula Select Binary Mode?

A short article on setting up the Auto Formula Select with the Binary Mode settings, including the binary program table.

Step 1

For BINARY mode you first apply the MODE signal, then you have the SET UP TIME in section (Auto Formula Select Settings). To activate the program you will need to put the correlating binary code with the correct trigger. These are shown below. They go left to right trigger 1-8.
For example:
Program 7 = Input 1 + Input 2 + Input 3

Step 2

Please see the binary program list below.

PROGRAM 110000
PROGRAM 201000
PROGRAM 311000
PROGRAM 400100
PROGRAM 510100
PROGRAM 601100
PROGRAM 711100
PROGRAM 800010
PROGRAM 910010
PROGRAM 1010010
PROGRAM 1111010
PROGRAM 1200110
PROGRAM 1310110
PROGRAM 1401110
PROGRAM 1511110
PROGRAM 1600001
PROGRAM 1710001
PROGRAM 1801001
PROGRAM 1911001
PROGRAM 2000101
PROGRAM 2110101
PROGRAM 2201101
PROGRAM 2311101
PROGRAM 2400011
PROGRAM 2510011
PROGRAM 2601011
PROGRAM 2711011
PROGRAM 2800111
PROGRAM 2910111
PROGRAM 3001111
Binary Program List

Step 3

Below is an example of the AFS signal coming into the unit, with a trigger signal being applied to select Program 1.

Binary Mode
– Binary Program List
– Auto Formula Select
– How do I program the Auto formula select binary mode?
– How do I set up the Auto Formula Select Binary Mode?

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