How do I wire the Auto Formula Select connection?

A short article on how to wire your Auto Formula Select into your Nexus system.

Step 1

The 9th input on the A rail connector is for the Auto Formula Select.

Step 2

Wire the Auto Formula Select into the 9th connector slot. Then use either the Common or Isolated neutral wiring as setup with the Trigger Signals earlier.
Common Neutral Wiring
Isolated Neutral Wiring

Step 3

If you do not have a Formula Select Module, you can use this Auto Formula Select to set up either TIMED or BINARY signals. For TIMED the length of the signal sent from this input will denote the program number. PLEASE NOTE – This relies on the MULTIPLIER set in the program settings.
E.G (With a multiplier of 1)
1 second = Program 1
2 seconds = Program 2

(With a multiplier of 2)
2 seconds = Program 1
4 seconds = Program 2
To change the multiplier settings please see the following section – Auto Formula Select Settings.

Once the program is locked in, the program number will appear in the top right of the unit screen.

Wiring the Auto Formula Select
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– How do I wire my Auto Formula Select?

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