Nexus – How do I wire the trigger/input signals with an
isolated neutral?

A short guide on how to wire the tigger/input signals for your Nexus unit with a common isolated connector

Step 1

The Trigger Signals are located inside the unit on the right side board. If you are looking to wire Isolated Input trigger signals with a Isolated Neutral‘s use the 9 way A & B rail shown here.

Step 2

Wire both the A & B rail connectors with the trigger signal and corresponding isolated neutral connector, the trigger number and neutral highlight below. For example:
Trigger connector slot 1 neutral is slot 1 on the B rail.
Trigger connector slot 3 neutral is slot 3 on the B rail.

Step 3

Place the Isolated Neutral connector back into the two way slot shown below.

Step 4

Connect any Isolated trigger signals into the A rail as shown.

Step 5

Confirm that any Isolated Neutral connections have the Dip Switches in the TOP position.

Wiring the trigger
– Wiring the input
– Trigger
– Signal
– Isolated

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