New access arrangements for the East Quay, Newhaven Port


Commencing at 0600hrs on Monday 28th February 2022, the main East Quay Port entrance/ exit will move from South Gate, Beach Road to the new Dock Gate 4 which is accessed via the new Port Access Road called McKinlay Way (off the A259 at the McDonalds/Halfords Roundabout).

The new Dock Gate 4 will be manned 24/7.

All HGV’s must use the new access and all other vehicles are encouraged to use the new access. From this time, South Gate (Beach Road) will only be open from 0600hrs to 1800hrs Monday to Friday, although there will be a pedestrian gate with access controlled from Dock Gate 4 via an entry system. Pedestrians and cyclists with legitimate reasons to visit the East Quay site may therefore continue to use the South Gate access.