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Standard CabinetLarge Eco Cabinet 1.5L pouch Set up example - dispenser not included2L Container. Set up example dispenser not included.Set up example with ECOMULTI


ECORANGE CABINETS are a safe and secure solution, limiting contact with concentrated chemicals and minimising the risk of pilferage. The safe and secure storage solutions for chemicals come in a range of sizes designed to meet your needs.

The standard cabinet can hold a 1.5-litre pouch*or a 2-litre container of concentrated chemical.

The large cabinet can hold up to 5 litres of concentrated chemical in a container or with Brightwell's pouch adaptor, a 3-litre pouch can be used.  

The cover rings are available in a range of colours including grey, red, blue, green and yellow. The circular plaque in the centre of the cabinets can be branded with your company name or logo**.

The cabinets are easy to set up and can be wall-mounted as well as being compatible to be installed on either side of the ECORANGE dosing systems. 


Set up examples - large cabinet is available in black.

*with Brightwell's pouch adaptor.

**Minimum order quantities apply.


• Easy installation
• Secure lockable chemical cabinet to control access to hazardous chemicals
• Plastic lock for standard cabinet
• Metal barrel lock for large cabinet
• Cabinet rings available in grey, blue, green, red and yellow
• Front cover circular plaque can be branded with a customers logo

Technical Specifications

product dimensions (mm)
(H x W x D)
weight capacity
1.5L pouch or 2L container External Height: 300mm, Width: 170mm, Depth: 160mm
Max dimensions of container Height: 225mm, Width: 105mm, Depth: 120mm
Weight: 0.6kg
Weight: 1kg
1.5L pouch or 2L container (with Brightwell’s pouch adaptor)
5L cabinet or 3L pouch External Height: 405mm, Width: 174mm, Depth: 241mm
Max dimensions of container Height: 300mm, Width: 150mm, Depth: 190mm
Weight 1.1kg 5L cabinet or 3L pouch (with Brightwell’s pouch adaptor)

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