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Marketing material: new website

1 August 2013

Websites are the kind of platforms that need constant updating – which requires acute technology understanding, vision, detail mindedness and resources.  As time goes by, new technologies are introduced, social media takes on a prominent place in online-marketing, various user-friendliness theories are revealed… and, let’s face it, websites in particular do not age well – how many have you come by that look like an online Word document?

Over the past six months, Bright-Tech Marketing department have undertaken the large project of re-designing their website.  Ranges have been organised in four visual environments, with their own colour-coding and amount of information disclosed; Products have been made searchable through various entries, e.g. per range, application, purpose…, helping customers find what they want without having to know the name of the product itself; A full media library is available for customers to download HD photos, 3D visuals, manuals, diagrams, videos etc.; Exclusive distributors around the world have been organised visually into a multi-choice entry; Services are listed and described, with a link to relevant downloadable material…  and it looks good too!  Take a look around and enjoy the colourful, professional and modern new scheme.
The next step will be to upload all the translations for a final website available in 5+ languages, so watch this space!