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Clean facilities help combat the spread of infection

17 March 2020

Correct hand hygiene is the most effective way in preventing the spread of germs and to protect yourself but it is also important to have effective cleaning regimes in place to help reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and infections. Effective cleaning regimes need to ensure all surfaces are cleaned with the correct cleaning solution and equipment. Any frequently touched surfaces including worktops, desks, sinks and door handles need to be cleaned regularly to limit the spread of germs and cross-contamination.

Using the right cleaning chemicals is crucial in killing bacteria and reducing the spread of germs and bacteria that lead to harmful illnesses.

Chemical dilution systems work by ensuring quality results and reducing waste by diluting and dispensing chemicals accurately when required. A chemical dispensing system is a piece of equipment that doses or dilutes chemical at the point of use, by the end-user. Chemical dispensers achieve the balance between sustaining human resources, cost, and the environment so that businesses remain competitive and profitable.

Often desired results aren’t reached due to inaccuracy whilst measuring the amount of chemical or product used. Chemical dilution systems were designed to solve this problem, by dosing the correct and required amount, each time. This removes human error as employees are no longer required to handle chemicals and pour the required amount.

The solutions also protect employees and the user, as it cuts out the direct contact with the chemical.

By having the correct amount of chemical dispensed each time, it removes the need for re-cleaning to get the desired results often not achieved by using the wrong amount of product first time around.

Eliminating the need to re-clean areas means there is less chemical waste and you only end up using what is needed. Dilution systems enable you to buy concentrated chemicals reducing the packaging and transportation costs for large quantities of ready to use product. This also means you will be reducing the amount of plastic waste produced by your company, making it the greener solution.

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