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Cost-Effective Green Cleaning Solutions

10 March 2021

Green cleaning practices and sustainability has established itself for some time now. Many cleaning and maintenance service providers are looking into ways on how they can enhance their own performance. And more importantly, at what cost?

Up until the 1970s-80s, the only chemical format available was pre-diluted, ready-made solutions with active ingredients making up 12-15 percent of the composition, and the rest being water.

The need to improve storage costs, reduce carbon emissions associated with heavy transport loads and minimise cost-in-use of chemicals resulted in the production of concentrated products and the design of more effective on-site chemical dispensing solutions.

The development of these systems has revolutionised the industry, and while chemical dosing and dilution equipment requires some initial outlay, this investment is quickly recovered through increased safety, minimal waste and sustainable benefits.

Eco-friendly Equipment

At Brightwell Dispensers, we strive to help cleaning service companies reduce their carbon footprint and maximise savings through the adoption of eco-friendly cleaning routines. With an emphasis on flexibility, reliability and ease of maintenance, we are committed to developing gree dilution and dosing solutions. 


The ECO RANGE of chemical dosing and dilution systems

Our ECO RANGE consists of a variety of innovative dilution and dispensing systems. These user-friendly, one-stop cleaning stations allow you to quickly create ready-to-use chemicals on-site regardless of water pressure or employee expertise.

The ECOMIX is a chemical dilution system connected to the mains water. With the help of our unique patented dilution ring, it guarantees accurate dilution regardless of bottle or bucket size. As part of this range, we also offer the ECOMIX Compact which is easy to fit in all locations due to its small size – the ideal solution for environments tight on wall space!

The ECOSHOT is a manual dosing pump offering you an infinite number of dosing shots between 5ml and 30ml, which can be dispensed into a bottle, a bucket or a sink. Designed with effective chemical management in mind, the ECOSHOT can come with an optional “twist push” feature to prevent overdosing.

The ECOMULTI is a one-stop cleaning station, allowing users to dilute all their chemicals from one dipsenser. It dispenses up to five different cleaning chemicals from one system, making it easy to use and manage. At the push of a button, your chemical is ready to use. If using multiple chemicals, the dispenser comes with clear, colour-coded signage that shows which chemical to use for each application for easy training and maintenance.

For users concerned with mitigating workplace incidents, additional safety accessories are available. The range offers an optional hanging bracket to support up to 5L containers or a multipurpose chemical cabinet to safely lock in chemicals and keep them secure. Furthermore, the chemical cabinet ensures better stock management and control. Our colour coding option also helps facilitate easier, safer and more efficient cleaning operations.

As with all of Brightwell Dispensers’ products, our ergonomic design means all systems can be installed within minutes!


Carbon and Cost Savings

The ECO RANGE not only provides you a solution that reduces the adverse effects of cleaning operations on the environment, but it also acts as a cost-friendly alternative to ready-made cleaning solutions. 

With one pouch of concentrated chemical being equivalent to 75 ready-to-use spray bottles, the benefits are evident:

  • 99% decrease in plastics use and water
  • Re-using the same trigger bottle reduces waste packaging
  • Diluting chemical at the point of source lessens transports costs and carbon emissions
  • Precise dosing measurements means minimal chemical wastage, better concentrated chemicals and controlled stock level

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