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How sustainable cleaning affects your business

28 March 2018

Sustainable cleaning is about ensuring your processes are efficient by using fewer resources, such as material and energy, resulting in minimising waste and carbon emissions.

Looking at the cleaning and hygiene industry, companies are using concentrated chemicals more than ever. However, companies should consider how they dose and dilute these products to protect their staff, guests and the environment. This comes in the form of using chemical dispensing systems.

A chemical dispensing system is a piece of equipment that doses or dilutes chemical at the point of use, by the end user. Chemical dispensers achieves the balance between sustaining human resources, cost, and the environment so that businesses remain competitive and profitable. Here are the benefits:

Health & Safety
Chemicals in their pure form are hazardous. Chemical dispensers remove direct contact and exposure to the chemical. Other accessories such as lockable cabinets provide further protection as it prevents tampering.

Greener solution
One pouch of concentrated chemical is equal to 75 ready-to-use spray bottles. Diluting concentrated chemical at the point of use reduces the environmental impact. This is by lowering carbon emissions, transport and packaging.

Cost-effective and accurate
Chemical dispensing systems accurately dose the correct amount of chemical. This benefits your business as it makes it easier to forecast your cleaning costs and ensures quality cleaning.

A chemical dispensing system is a cost-effective alternative to using ready-made cleaning solutions. They are better for the environment, efficient and make cleaning easier.

To make cleaning more sustainable for your customers, contact us today.