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How to Improve Kitchen Hygiene and Keep Customers Happy

20 July 2017

In the hospitality industry, hygiene is the top priority. Not only for the businesses reputation and for customers and staff’s wellbeing, but also to comply with law and legislation.

The number of people eating out in bars and restaurants is increasing, and in turn does the amount of used crockery, cutlery and glassware. Customers expect a high level of cleanliness when they dine out. Finding dirty glassware, crockery and cutlery doesn’t make a good impression or provides customers with a pleasant dining experience. This can then result in dissatisfied customers, complaints and a potential loss of business.

Commercial kitchens invest in the right procedures and equipment to ensure their businesses are maintaining hygiene and cleaning standards. To make sure that happens, the equipment needs to work to the same high standard, every day. With this in mind, this makes using the right equipment essential.

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene plays an important part in commercial kitchens. More than 200 diseases are spread through food*, and as our hands spread most diseases, the first thing to do to prevent this is by keeping hands clean. Handwashing prevents the spread of germs and bacteria from your hands to work surfaces, equipment and food. Bacteria can also spread if your hands are damp. Using equipment such as soap and paper hand towel dispensers provide a quick and efficient way to do this.

Touch-free products are on the rise as they eliminate common contact points where germs can be transferred from person to person. We have developed a range so users can wash and dry their hands without touching the dispenser. For washing hands, the MultiFlex touch-free soap dispenser, and for drying hands, the Autocut Dispenser. Removing the contact from these mechanisms removes the risk of cross-contamination. The MultiFlex uses a sensor so it dispenses soap automatically, and the Autocut allows users to pull paper from the dispenser, making them a great alternative to the traditional manual dispenser.

Dishwash dosing systems

A dishwash dosing system that ensures optimal dishwashing performance is a key component for ensuring clean dishes.

Quantura, our dishwash dosing system range is designed to meet the demands of commercial kitchens by helping to deliver good dishwash cleaning results. The Quantura range provides precise and consistent dosing solutions for a variety of commercial dishwasher applications. This includes glass, under-the-counter, single-tank, and tunnel/conveyor dishwashers. The range can be used with liquid chemical or a solid powder.

In busy and demanding commercial kitchens, Quantura is a versatile solution that meets businesses’ cleaning needs.

Overall, a clean commercial kitchen ensures high hygiene and cleaning standards and helps to turn happy customers into loyal customers. Messy and dirty kitchens can have a significant impact on people’s wellbeing and financially on your business. However, there are products in the market that can help ensure you maintain high hygiene standards, every day.

To find out more about how we can help improve and maintain your kitchen hygiene, contact us today.

*source – World Health Organisation - Europe