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Key points to consider when buying chemical dosing equipment

7 February 2018

The popularity of chemical dispensing equipment is continuously increasing thanks to their environmental, safety, accuracy and cost saving benefits. A chemical dispensing unit doses or dilutes cleaning chemical at the point of use, by the end user with just a push of a button. If the user is using multiple cleaning chemicals for different purposes, dispensers often come with clear, colour-coded signage that shows which chemical to use for each application.

There are many different types of chemical dosing systems on offer and businesses need to consider a few factors before making a decision, so that the system they choose works best for their requirements.

Here we explore the key points to consider when buying chemical dosing equipment:


Where will you be using the equipment? Is it for a cleaning and maintenance room or an industrial kitchen? What do you want to dispense the cleaning solution into? Different types of dispensing and dosing equipment can dispense into many options including spray bottles, buckets, sinks and other cleaning containers. 

In addition, how many chemicals do you want to dispense and do you need a high flow or low flow operation? 

Product design

Chemical dosing systems are often installed in areas with limited space; therefore, a compact and robust product design is very important for ease of access to the system.

Accurate and consistent dosing of chemicals

A system that delivers accurate and consistent dosing of chemicals is essential to deliver high quality cleaning results. Making sure that the system you purchase works for you is important; does it dose the amount of chemical you require? Can you change the amount you need to dose easily?

Cost efficient equipment

Chemical dosing systems allow businesses not only to maximise cleaning performance but also to forecast their cleaning costs in an efficient way. In addition, these systems accurately dispense the correct amount of chemical needed each time, without the risk of chemical spillage, misdosing and pilferage. 


Depending on where your chemical dispensing system is located, do you need extra security to prevent others from tampering with it? Secure chemical cabinets are ideal to control access to potential hazardous chemicals and to prevent tampering. 

Easy installation and maintenance

Easy installation and maintenance is beneficial as it means the job can be done quickly and efficiently. For busy environments, equipment that minimises the time spent installing and maintaining the system itself may be key for you.

Pre and post-sales customer support

Suppliers need to offer a good pre- and after-sales support to ensure that the equipment you buy is right for your requirements. When buying chemical dosing equipment it is important to consider technical information such as the water flow at your facility, whether you need a high flow or low flow solution and how easy it is to install the unit. An experienced and knowledgeable supplier will be able to answer these questions. Additionally, it is important that a supplier is interested in the long-term success of your company and is able to provide installation, maintenance advice and training for the equipment you purchase.


Look at what accessories are available with the equipment. Are there secure chemical cabinets, bottle hanging brackets, custom branding options, and colour-coded pictograms available?

Independent product approvals/certifications

Does the product have independently third party tested and verified approvals and certificates to ensure that the equipment is compliant with local requirements, regulations and bylaws? 

While this is not an exhaustive list, we hope it gives some insight into what you should look for when buying a new chemical dosing system.

We offer businesses a wide range of reliable and efficient chemical dosing and dilution systems to meet the demands of the cleaning and hygiene industry.

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