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Product Spotlight

2 June 2017


The ECOMULTI STANDARD is a one-stop station for all your cleaning needs. The ECOMULTI STANDARD dilutes up to four chemicals from one dispenser. Connected to water mains, the compact design is the ideal solution for even the smallest cleaning environments.

The system comes with a backflow preventer and is available in low-flow (4L/min) and high-flow (14L/min) applications.

The ECOMULTI STANDARD comes with a dilution pin, which eliminates the need for cumbersome metering tips and the revolutionary dilution wheel design enables installers to select up to 13 independent dilution ratios per chemical. This makes chemical dilution easier than ever.

The ECOMULTI STANDARD is part of the ECO RANGE. Take a look at our product showcase to see it in action. 

Quantura 200

The Quantura 200 Dishwash Dosing System is Brightwell Dispensers’ new peristaltic pump dosing system for dosing dishwash detergent and rinse aid into a variety of commercial dishwasher. This includes conveyor, hood and door type machines.

The Quantura 200 also provides the option for a third peristaltic pump for dosing sanitiser – Quantura 300.

Also part of the range is Quantura 10, which doses one dishwash chemical, ideal for glass or under-the-counter dishwashers.

Take a look at the Quantura 200 3D showcase to see it in action. 

Modular Autocut Dispenser

The Modular Autocut dispenser is the latest addition to Brightwell Dispensers’ Modular washroom range.

It uses a mechanism that provides the user individual paper towels without needing to touch the dispenser - ideal for environments where hygiene is paramount.

The dispenser is a great way of controlling the amount of paper usage and minimises the risk of cross-contamination. Brightwell Dispensers’ Modular Autocut dispenser is also one of the smallest autocut products in the market and it dispenses an economical 23.5 cm towel length.

This low maintenance mechanical dispenser can fit almost all types of paper rolls – 1ply, 2ply, 3ply.

Take a look at the Modular Autocut Dispenser for more information.

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