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Quantura Dishwash Dosing Systems: A leap forward in compact technology

18 May 2016

Reliable and efficient chemical dosing systems ensure that commercial dishwashers maintain optimal performance. Based on years of industry experience, technical expertise and customer feedback, Brightwell Dispensers has developed Quantura, an innovative dishwash dosing range. The range consists of contemporary, high-tech designs that meet the demands of today’s commercial kitchen environment.

The competitively priced range provides precise and consistent dosing solutions for a wide variety of commercial dishwasher applications including glass, under-the-counter, single-tank, and tunnel/conveyor dishwashers. Included in the Quantura range is a two pump peristaltic dosing system for dosing dishwash detergent and rinse aid with the option to incorporate a third, additional, peristaltic pump for dosing sanitiser.

This system incorporates highly efficient brushless DC motors and special pulsing technology to achieve super low flow rates. To facilitate the use of powder bowls, Brightwell Dispensers have also developed a solenoid valve version for customers who prefer a solid powder fed system.

But that’s not all! The Quantura range also includes a cost-effective single dishwash dosing pump for dosing one dishwash chemical into glass or under-the-counter dishwashers.

Brightwell Dispensers is well recognised within the cleaning industry for their durable and user-friendly systems, and the Quantura range has been designed to meet these expectations.

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