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Spotlight: touch free soap dispenser, laundry dosing and drain dosing

30 August 2017

Q10+ Remote Dose Laundry Pump

The Q10+ Remote Dose Laundry Pump is Brightwell Dispensers’ new addition to their range of laundry dosing systems. The Q10+ Remote Dose Laundry Pump provides laundry with accurate dosing for a high-quality wash.

The Q10+ Remote Dose Laundry Pump is a peristaltic pump system for dosing one chemical into small capacity laundry machines such as top load laundry units. An ideal dosing solution with easy installation and configuration. 

Discover the Q10+ Remote Dose Laundry Pump.


Modular Touch Free soap dispenser

The Modular Touch Free is the latest addition to the Modular range of soap and paper dispensers.

The Modular Touch Free dispenses soap without the user needing to touch the dispenser. This ensures high hand hygiene by removing a common contact point where germs and bacteria can transfer from user to user.

The cost-effective unit dispenses 1 ml of liquid and 0.5 ml of foam; making refills last longer. The pumps and containers and interchangeable, making it adaptable to your needs. The refillable reservoir holds 1.2 L of liquid soap, allowing users to fully stock the dispenser. Businesses can also customise the Touch Free to suit their branding with different colour windows and logo printing.


DrainWatch Dosing System

DrainWatch is a robust and reliable drain dosing system for preventing the build-up of odorous and costly drain grease. DrainWatch can also work with water treatment applications and other purposes that need the delivery of a single chemical at timed intervals.

Available as mains operated or battery operated system, DrainWatch is controlled by a real-time clock with up to 20 programmable events per day, any day of the week. DrainWatch is also quick to install and has a multilingual LCD display.

Discover the DrainWatch Dosing System. 

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