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Sustainability at Brightwell Dispensers

7 November 2018

At Brightwell Dispensers, sustainability is part of our company's ethos. We promote a greater awareness of environmental issues to our suppliers, clients and staff. We continuously work towards the principles of sustainable development in all areas of our activity.

To achieve this we:
- Follow the principles of sustainable development wherever practicable;
- Maintain accreditation to ISO 14001;
- Encourage staff to apply the same principles as followed at work to other applications;
- Contribute, wherever possible, to any local initiatives designed to promote environmental awareness and to improve the quality of the environment

We are an ISO 14001:2015 accredited company. ISO 14001 is an international standard that specifies what is needed for an Environmental Management System. This system encourages us to consider, evaluate and improve our overall sustainability and impact on the environment as a result of our daily work practices.

So how do we reduce our impact on the environment?

• Disposal of hazardous waste and chemicals

To ensure our dispensers are highly efficient and work with a wide variety of chemicals, our quality team conducts extensive chemical testing exercises that result in having to dispose of the tested chemicals at the end of these sessions. We have processes in place where we send all these chemicals in secure containers with relevant datasheets to a waste management company for disposal.

• Efficient machinery and production

Across all our production areas, we are replacing older machinery with more energy and waste efficient machines.

• Recycling

In our on-site recycling centre we recycle a range of waste materials including our mouldings and waste plastic. We use up to 20% recycled material across our Modular soap and paper dispenser range.

For other waste such as wooden pallets cardboard and general waste we use eco-friendly waste management companies.  

So far this year, Brightwell Dispensers has recycled over 40,000 kg recyclable material including
- 2400 kg Mixed Paper
- 1273 kg Mixed Recyclables
- 37,000 kg Plastic

• Energy / water saving

As we refurbish our facilities, one of the environmental improvements we make is to install low energy LED lighting with PIR- based motion detector systems to ensure the lights are on only when someone is in the area.
We are also re-using water where possible, for example, we are using a closed circuit water supply system for cooling our injection moulding machines, which means the same water is circulating through the system instead of a constant stream of fresh water.

• Educating staff

All the staff across Brightwell Dispensers is involved in improving the sustainability of the company and to help with that, regular Toolbox talks are held on sustainability and our environmental responsibility and recycling.

By continuously evaluating and improving sustainability, we are able to understand how we can further reduce waste, minimise our impact on the environment and make cost savings. It ensures that all internal and external stakeholders (people) are aware that we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and are continuously working to improve and reduce our overall impact on the environment.